Wrong About Japan

A Father's Journey With His Son






P.105-106に新井素子さんの名前が出てきます。著者とその息子は講談社にて『機動戦士ガンダム公式百科事典 GUNDAM OFFICIALS』の編者である皆川ゆか氏との対談に臨みます。その中で彼女は、「オタク」という言葉は新井素子(表記は「Moto Arai」)の小説に由来すると述べています。


Paul translated Yuka's reply, which, on the tape at home, was still delicate and careful but much more male than I had noticed at the time. "In the middle eighties, there was a Japanese science-fiction author called Moto Arai. One of her stylistic tics was to address the reader very formally with the second person pronoun, otaku, a much more distant from than the French vous, for instance. Her fans liked this book so much that they adopted this peculiar usage,referring to each other as 'otaku.'"

I had read enough to imagine that I understood. "Isn't it an extremely respectful form of address?" I asked.

"No!" Yuka cried in English.

Charley's eyes flicked my way.

"The way 'otaku' is used now," Paul translated, "it's the reverse. It is no longer about fans imitating Moto Arai's prose. It's not fun anymore. It's not respectful, it's discriminatory. It's like calling you 'sir' when I don't really mean it. It's ironic, sarcastic."

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